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Revelations of my demise

Posted in Personal stuff on September 8, 2011 by udula

No wonder why she calls me that I’m such a kid. I want to do things different and that makes me an attention-seeker. Most of the things I do doesn’t make sense to anyone and neither me. This post is a good example to that.


My Demise

My Demise


Tonight I’m hurt and I am gonna list down all my demise factors here and end this post. If you think you know my other demise factors, please share as comments. So far I know I am,

  • snobbish
  • stubborn
  • less attentive
  • indecent
  • hurtful
  • carefree
  • perverted
  • hateful
  • spiteful
  • arrogant

    Spot on you readers …



Posted in Personal stuff on June 13, 2010 by udula

I’m a Gemini. They say, only the Geminis have the most benefits of friends over other sign-holders. I’m an extrovert and I won’t survive in this ruthless world if I don’t have friends.

At the time I’m writing this post I feel lonely because there’s nobody to chat in GTALK, the usual people I occasionally initiate chats with. Unluckily I had to deactivate FACEBOOK temporarily due to CIMA exams. So I’m terribly feeling lonely and depressed.

Long time ago I found a resolution to get rid of loneliness temporarily which is music. It seems to work fine with me. I need a variation in what I do daily, so the resolution won’t work out all the time.

First day at university was a life changing experience for me. Apart from the rag, I found real friends. We were trained to act as a team and it appeared more or less like the Tuckman’s model in team progression.

The supposed sequence is Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing, but everything went like Forming, Norming, Performing and Storming. I hate Tuckman and I don’t trust his theory entirely now.

Okay, let me guess. You are confused, Aren’t you?

I don’t like time confusing explanations. Let me summarize it for you. Up there you see that according to Tuckman “Storming” should come second, but in real scenario it was the last stage of our team building.

Storming in this sense is the stage where disagreements, conflicts, disputes take place in a team. But more than that some people ignore others in the team, like they don’t seem to notice them when passing by. This is revolting and I’ ve started to hate them.

Now I don’t have many friends and I need a huge attitude change to make new friends. A change as in an egocentric to a modest attitude.