Walk a mile in other’s shoe

Rolling a Tic Tac over my tongue to and fro with the support of my upper jaw, I occupied my mind to think about the negative consequences of what I was planning to do. After analyzing the response I got from her and the rant started by my cousin sister due to it, I decided to stop the evil deed.

Prior to the retrospection, I was angry that she was stalling to give me a fast positive reply. That anger was nourished by various factors, and I was looking for a way to release it. I had the chance of releasing it on a pervert in his 30s who tried to tease my sister while we were on our way to food city to buy my aunt something from my first monthly allowance that I earned from my internship in a home-based company. Damn, I missed it when the bastard deserved it.

I went inside food city and while I was secretly trying to buy my aunt something, she was there trying hard to convince me not to buy her anything. That was annoying. But I didn’t give up. I gave my debit card and a perfume to my sister stealthily and asked her to go to the counter, purchase it and get inside the car. She left while aunt was there talking to me, this time she had changed her mind to let me buy something cheap. After some time my sister arrived with the debit card and the perfume in her hand, saying that our mother had called her and asked her not to buy it since aunt wanted something cheap like a baby cream to moisten her dry facial skin. What the hell? It was my money and my will to buy her what I wanted. The fiasco made me more annoyed and pissed off. With a baby cream in my hand, I took a Tic Tac and headed to the counter.

On our way home in the car I was analyzing as mentioned above. I was super angry about her delay to reply and the previous text messages. I thought and thought, about how dreadful was the rant created by my small cousin sister and how terrible were the things she threw at me. She snapped at me, for what I was going to do was a sin (according to her).  She was right, I thought. After considering all the facts, I decided to stop fooling around because if I was in that guy’s shoes, I wouldn’t approve or wouldn’t be able to conceive what would happen to me.

Most of the things I’ve written would sound confusing to you. But it’s better this way so the people involved with this situation wouldn’t find out that I was referring to them. My point is that before you do anything, it’s better to analyze that everyone’s better off with the consequences of your deeds. If one or more people are affected by your decision, you better wear their shoes and think again.


One Response to “Walk a mile in other’s shoe”

  1. Yep, what’s the hell ya aunt has to do with whatever she is gifted.. it’s you who has to decide what’s to be bought.. If I were you I would not have let her know what I would be buying beforehand !!

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