Sweet poisonous apple

It looked sweet and obsessively reddish. No wormholes and no scars on the surface. It was hanging on by a thin secondary stem. Thin enough to pull it down, thin enough to free fall & high enough  for me to pick it. It had the perfect shape, just like the fanny of a perfect woman-figure. That’s how I saw it.


I picked it from a whole bunch of other apples, because it looked special. But without knowing it’s poisonous, I kept it for days and days, took a tiny nibble of it day by day and it killed me slowly and softly.

Slowly it ran through my veins and maimed me everyday. It  destroyed a part of my full brain capacity & mutilated functioning activities. My best friend accused me that I’m getting stupider day by day. But I didn’t give a damn. I kept consuming, until I died.

Yes, I died. But I’m the phoenix who rises from its ashes. I rose and rose till I started feeling like a new born. Now I feel like the old awesome me again. Long live the day I rose and became me again.

I am the phoenix who won’t take revenge from that apple. I am the phoenix of divine craziness. I am an asshole.



2 Responses to “Sweet poisonous apple”

  1. haha dats ma brotha 😀 😀 \m/

  2. Yeah!!! dats the best way to enjoy lyf!!!! there is no fun being a spectator of others experiences !!!

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