Addictions & Distractions

Do these two terms sound good and useful to you?
People say distractions are good that it gives the ability of out-of-the-box thinking. It is true, because  perverts won’t exist without it. They obtain pleasure out of objects, body parts and certain range of people which they call as, “fetishes”.
Do you think distractions are good when you totally want to focus on your studies? Well, to me it isn’t. Once I start focusing for like five minutes, three of the five will be wasted on distractions. I don’t know how it happens, but I can say when I start studying, various thoughts & imaginations gush into my mind, maiming me for a substantial amount of my semiprecious study time.
Addictions are deemed as negative aspects of personality. Addictions to alcohol, weed, sex are such instances of negative aspects.
I have certain addictions too that prevents me from doing something useful and I can hardly resist it. Facebook and PC games are the disastrous addictions that I can’t get my mind off.

I wish I’m not the only person with these addictions. Please be generous enough to share your ideas, addictions & distractions.

One Response to “Addictions & Distractions”

  1. Every human being is addicted to something. i guess addiction can be good or bad according to its consequences to ur self and others. some people are addicted to luv and some are addicted to ideologies. some are addicted to facebook and some are addicted to schoolbooks.but u should always know when is enough and when to stop but this is a hard thing to do because ur an addict. i think u have to look at this in psychological terms to figure it out. how ur subconscious work in a situation like that.even through FB and games, i think ur fulfilling an inner urge.through facebook most people are looking to fulfill something in themselves like to get read of the feeling of alienation, give them a feeling of belonging, to do what they cannot do in real life, etc… its sort of a escape or an opportunity. dont take these addictions negatively, but u should always finish what u have to do first. not letting addictions hinder what u have and need to do is difficult but thats what u must do.i think we all get carried away to different dimensions when we are studying/reading a book.i think its because we dont really want to do it. we like to do something else than that at that moment.

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