Had rice for breakfast.

ran to uni so fast.

Sensation of Diarrhea,

struck me there.

I tried to justify,

thought bowel irritation, Oh my!


It was Diarrhea,

I puked everywhere.

I had to shit every hour and so,

Just water, nothing solid, bro.


WTF, It was never ending.

Couldn’t bear holding,

It was so fast,

That I never felt it last,

My pants went wet,

My day was all set.


So guys, please heed,

be careful, what you eat

even your stomach starts to plead,

don’t rely on home made to feed.


2 Responses to “Diarrhea”

  1. Damnn…………… 😀

  2. serves you right for eating every damn thing u see 😛

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