Okay! This is my first blog post. So I don’t know what to write here. I am new to blogging and I hope I will get used to the ways of WordPress over time. This reminds me of the theory of Learning, time taken to complete a blog post of a standard scale will reduce at a constant percentage over time. I believe that what we learn today as theories for a particular subject area can be applied to other areas as well. But the applicability of such theories may sometimes depend on the nature of the subject field.

People change as the time goes by. So this clearly defines that who you are today may not be the same person you were yesterday. I cannot exactly say what type of a person I am. But at the moment I’ m a person who looks at things from a different perspective. For instance, let’s just say we are in a cinema seeing a very sad movie. I will laugh at certain times while seeing it & while maybe you are feeling pitiful at the same time. Scary isn’t it? Don’t worry, I won’t bite you.

I usually don’t try to make friends with girls. Because sometimes I end up fucked up. I’ m a bit of an egocentric and a reckless person. I don’t feel shy sometimes. I spit out everything that comes to my mind regardless of how obscene it is. This reminds me of some funny past experience, where I blurted out some vulgar slangs while trying to make fun of something I can’t remember. Actually I screamed it out while everyone in the house was asleep. One of my friends then asked me to turn on the firewall between my brains and mouth.

At present my marital status is single and being single is my attitude. I am sexually straight and I don’t believe in sound relationships so I don’t wanna go for quick relationships and break the other’s heart, because I respect girls. I strongly believe that to achieve needs and wants in relationships, being in a relationship is not mandatory.

So this is all what comes to my mind right now about myself. I’m interested in subtle things in life. Therefore my future blog posts will be based on them. Thank you and please comment.


11 Responses to “Hola FOLKS!”

  1. Chulz (VinZ) Says:

    way to GOOOOO brother………..!!

  2. k Udula very descriptive introduction. A good start. Great style of writing too, So keep it up. Hope u apply da theories u learnt and keep writing abt cool stuff 🙂 . I kind of like people writing about their personal experiences (like good and bad things happening to them) which r most of da time funny. I dont know wat u a planing to use this blog for (personal, technology or wat ever). But make sure u express ur ideas in da shortest possible way (dont drag and write essays) coz people might not read (definitely me).
    Hope u wont shout in ur dreams and scare ur parent. Also hope u find a good and healthy relationship so u can change ur statues and attitude soon ;). Good luck keep on writing 🙂

  3. keshavi Puswewala Says:

    hmmm .. cool… that was one of the best self description i have seen which is so genuine.. that’s really cool..
    Understanding about the relationships in that way is so good because in the end both parties will be like hell.. so take your time and get the best of the best decision in life.
    life is so marvellous yaar and we will never know when we will meet the right person and sometimes small words can break the whole thing.. so be careful with what u say and be alert about it..
    im not a good writer like you and this is really brilliant writing and great.
    what u have told about movie thingy is correct..we can feel the same thing at the same time… 🙂
    cool .. keep it up man…. write more blogs…. and post loads of stuff… all the best

  4. Greetings from a Chinese girl.
    it’s a warm place where you can express yourself, well, quite nice in fact. Straight and sexual guy, really cool, hope you will have a nice journey here~~~~~~~~~~


  5. Hmm.. Nice way of starting cuz, good style, interesting to read. I like you being honest about you, ur experiences,ur ideas… The length is just right, keep it up :-bd

  6. nice stuff bro!

    “I’ m a bit of an egocentric and a reckless person” totally agree with that!!! 😀

    must i tell u wat i think bout ur sexuality? 😛

    wel basically il put this in the “a lot of info about nothing in particular” category… but that’s a compliment 😉 off with the intro now let’s get with the real deal eh 😉 can’t wait!

  7. nice machan, really cool stuff and as you said it is true that there is nothing or no one called “I” so, however you have defined that imaginary, rapidly changing “I” w.r.t present moment well done bro….

  8. Hey nice work machan. keep it up!! 🙂 🙂

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