Revelations of my demise

Posted in Personal stuff on September 8, 2011 by udula

No wonder why she calls me that I’m such a kid. I want to do things different and that makes me an attention-seeker. Most of the things I do doesn’t make sense to anyone and neither me. This post is a good example to that.


My Demise

My Demise


Tonight I’m hurt and I am gonna list down all my demise factors here and end this post. If you think you know my other demise factors, please share as comments. So far I know I am,

  • snobbish
  • stubborn
  • less attentive
  • indecent
  • hurtful
  • carefree
  • perverted
  • hateful
  • spiteful
  • arrogant

    Spot on you readers …


Walk a mile in other’s shoe

Posted in Crap on April 11, 2011 by udula

Rolling a Tic Tac over my tongue to and fro with the support of my upper jaw, I occupied my mind to think about the negative consequences of what I was planning to do. After analyzing the response I got from her and the rant started by my cousin sister due to it, I decided to stop the evil deed.

Prior to the retrospection, I was angry that she was stalling to give me a fast positive reply. That anger was nourished by various factors, and I was looking for a way to release it. I had the chance of releasing it on a pervert in his 30s who tried to tease my sister while we were on our way to food city to buy my aunt something from my first monthly allowance that I earned from my internship in a home-based company. Damn, I missed it when the bastard deserved it.

I went inside food city and while I was secretly trying to buy my aunt something, she was there trying hard to convince me not to buy her anything. That was annoying. But I didn’t give up. I gave my debit card and a perfume to my sister stealthily and asked her to go to the counter, purchase it and get inside the car. She left while aunt was there talking to me, this time she had changed her mind to let me buy something cheap. After some time my sister arrived with the debit card and the perfume in her hand, saying that our mother had called her and asked her not to buy it since aunt wanted something cheap like a baby cream to moisten her dry facial skin. What the hell? It was my money and my will to buy her what I wanted. The fiasco made me more annoyed and pissed off. With a baby cream in my hand, I took a Tic Tac and headed to the counter.

On our way home in the car I was analyzing as mentioned above. I was super angry about her delay to reply and the previous text messages. I thought and thought, about how dreadful was the rant created by my small cousin sister and how terrible were the things she threw at me. She snapped at me, for what I was going to do was a sin (according to her).  She was right, I thought. After considering all the facts, I decided to stop fooling around because if I was in that guy’s shoes, I wouldn’t approve or wouldn’t be able to conceive what would happen to me.

Most of the things I’ve written would sound confusing to you. But it’s better this way so the people involved with this situation wouldn’t find out that I was referring to them. My point is that before you do anything, it’s better to analyze that everyone’s better off with the consequences of your deeds. If one or more people are affected by your decision, you better wear their shoes and think again.

Grudge, Jealousy, Arrogance, Fear & Flaunt

Posted in Crap on January 6, 2011 by udula

An event so luxurious, elegant and sophisticated,

Where Grudge hung out with pretty and chubby.

Such prettiness enhanced by makeup

and such prettiness gave rise to arrogance and jealousy.

Jealousy & arrogance were everywhere.

After all they aren’t that subtle in real life.

On the surface they could be witnessed clearly.

Over-inflated ego overkilled the enthusiasm.

Fear was there giving confused gazes and cuddling into themselves.

Wondering what misfortune jealousy and arrogance might bring.

It’s saddening to say I was all of them in the end.

Flaunt was the last person to appear in the scene.

Sweet poisonous apple

Posted in Crap on August 26, 2010 by udula

It looked sweet and obsessively reddish. No wormholes and no scars on the surface. It was hanging on by a thin secondary stem. Thin enough to pull it down, thin enough to free fall & high enough  for me to pick it. It had the perfect shape, just like the fanny of a perfect woman-figure. That’s how I saw it.


I picked it from a whole bunch of other apples, because it looked special. But without knowing it’s poisonous, I kept it for days and days, took a tiny nibble of it day by day and it killed me slowly and softly.

Slowly it ran through my veins and maimed me everyday. It  destroyed a part of my full brain capacity & mutilated functioning activities. My best friend accused me that I’m getting stupider day by day. But I didn’t give a damn. I kept consuming, until I died.

Yes, I died. But I’m the phoenix who rises from its ashes. I rose and rose till I started feeling like a new born. Now I feel like the old awesome me again. Long live the day I rose and became me again.

I am the phoenix who won’t take revenge from that apple. I am the phoenix of divine craziness. I am an asshole.


Addictions & Distractions

Posted in Crap on June 19, 2010 by udula

Do these two terms sound good and useful to you?
People say distractions are good that it gives the ability of out-of-the-box thinking. It is true, because  perverts won’t exist without it. They obtain pleasure out of objects, body parts and certain range of people which they call as, “fetishes”.
Do you think distractions are good when you totally want to focus on your studies? Well, to me it isn’t. Once I start focusing for like five minutes, three of the five will be wasted on distractions. I don’t know how it happens, but I can say when I start studying, various thoughts & imaginations gush into my mind, maiming me for a substantial amount of my semiprecious study time.
Addictions are deemed as negative aspects of personality. Addictions to alcohol, weed, sex are such instances of negative aspects.
I have certain addictions too that prevents me from doing something useful and I can hardly resist it. Facebook and PC games are the disastrous addictions that I can’t get my mind off.

I wish I’m not the only person with these addictions. Please be generous enough to share your ideas, addictions & distractions.


Posted in Personal stuff on June 13, 2010 by udula

I’m a Gemini. They say, only the Geminis have the most benefits of friends over other sign-holders. I’m an extrovert and I won’t survive in this ruthless world if I don’t have friends.

At the time I’m writing this post I feel lonely because there’s nobody to chat in GTALK, the usual people I occasionally initiate chats with. Unluckily I had to deactivate FACEBOOK temporarily due to CIMA exams. So I’m terribly feeling lonely and depressed.

Long time ago I found a resolution to get rid of loneliness temporarily which is music. It seems to work fine with me. I need a variation in what I do daily, so the resolution won’t work out all the time.

First day at university was a life changing experience for me. Apart from the rag, I found real friends. We were trained to act as a team and it appeared more or less like the Tuckman’s model in team progression.

The supposed sequence is Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing, but everything went like Forming, Norming, Performing and Storming. I hate Tuckman and I don’t trust his theory entirely now.

Okay, let me guess. You are confused, Aren’t you?

I don’t like time confusing explanations. Let me summarize it for you. Up there you see that according to Tuckman “Storming” should come second, but in real scenario it was the last stage of our team building.

Storming in this sense is the stage where disagreements, conflicts, disputes take place in a team. But more than that some people ignore others in the team, like they don’t seem to notice them when passing by. This is revolting and I’ ve started to hate them.

Now I don’t have many friends and I need a huge attitude change to make new friends. A change as in an egocentric to a modest attitude.


Posted in Crap on June 10, 2010 by udula

Had rice for breakfast.

ran to uni so fast.

Sensation of Diarrhea,

struck me there.

I tried to justify,

thought bowel irritation, Oh my!


It was Diarrhea,

I puked everywhere.

I had to shit every hour and so,

Just water, nothing solid, bro.


WTF, It was never ending.

Couldn’t bear holding,

It was so fast,

That I never felt it last,

My pants went wet,

My day was all set.


So guys, please heed,

be careful, what you eat

even your stomach starts to plead,

don’t rely on home made to feed.